IOTA Watch

The IOTA Watch
We’ve spent over a year researching and developing our wallet watch for IOTA, we thought the best distributed data/value transfer mechanism deserved the best watch wallet, so here it is.

Self Contained System
The watch is a completely self contained system: it communicates directly and securely with any specified IOTA node. The watch connects to the internet using any WIFI router, or you can use your mobile phone as a WIFI hotspot and have the watch use that.

Professional Firmware
The watches embedded firmware was developed entirely by Silicon Droid and written in pure C++ for good performance. We wrote a mini application UI stack from the ground up for this watch and it’s turned out great. Having only 320kb available RAM this is quite the engineering challenge, it’s important that no part of the software leaks memory, and it doesn’t, it boots up in seconds and runs forever!

Super Smooth UI
The watch has 2 processor cores, we put the user interface on it’s own core, this means the user interface always runs at a steady 30FPS even when the watch is busy talking to nodes, calculating hashes etc. This makes for a very responsive user experience.

IOTA Wallet
The IOTA wallet function is secure: None the less; if you plan on wearing the watch, we don’t recommend storing large values in it’s wallet, treat it as you would a cash wallet in your pocket.

Secure Hardware
All firmware und user data is stored in encrypted flash, only ever decrypted within the ESP32 silicon die at runtime. The watches hardware uses an ESP32-ECO-V3 micro controller fixing a fault injection vulnerability found in earlier versions.

Lithium Ion Cell
A full charge takes less than an hour, on a full charge you can expect >24 hours with the auto light sleep function (double tap the watch to awaken it within milliseconds). If you continuously use your watch, not allowing it to go into light sleep mode, you can expect ~2 hours. The IOTA Wallet watch is practical to wear and use as a regular watch.

Packed With Features
Companion App, market monitor, mini apps, mini games, IOTA node monitor and more. Put the future on your wrist today!

System Updates
Secure over the air updates (OTA) means features/changes can and will be added in the future.

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