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Progress on the IOTA Watch

The watches firmware is pretty much fully tested and nearly ready to ship. We are working only part time at the moment, taking advantage of the summers warmth before the long Canadian winter. Things still to do:

[1] Add the fourth (and final before release) front watch face option, this is the address monitor, allowing you to monitor the IOTA value sum of any one or more addresses from your own receiving addresses and/or your contacts addresses. You get audio alerts if the value goes up or down.

[1] Finish development and testing the secure OTA (over the air) update function. OTA enables you to update your watches firmware securely with the tap of a button when an update is available, just like you do with your mobile phone.

[2] Obtain language files for French, Italian, Spanish. We already have English and German.

[3] Create a PDF instruction manual for the watch (English only).

[4] Look at ways to accept IOTA as a form of payment in our WooCommerce shop.

The tentative estimated release date is now September 2021.