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The singularity has happened, the biosphere has been decimated.

You are a single droid driven by sub codes implanted by its now dead creator and friend Dr. Miyan:

Recover "Epsilon Prime"... a quantum nano crystal ark capable of recreating the entire biosphere.



War Ships

A perfect 3D remake of the old classic battleship strategy game. Features an exciting multiple missile mode.

Battle and chat online with players from all over the world.


Bob Orange

A cute run and jump platformer for phones and tablets.

A mix of Mario and Spongebob :)

Hours of fun gameplay spanning 100 levels.

Bob Orange

Pin Bowl 3D

PinBowl 3D puts a mini tenpin bowling alley in a pinball cabinet. Bowl the ball using the pinball flippers by simply tapping on the left or right half of the screen.

Pinball Bowling 3D

Full Tilt Karting

High speed karting game, simply tilt your device to move left or right on the track. The kart always stays on the track and goes full speed, you just tilt to move left/right.

Full Tilt Karting